4 entrepreneurs returned to Romania managed to secure a 50 million euro private equity fund dedicated to local SMEs

Morphosis Capital Fund I, founded by four Romanian entrepreneurs, has secured  a 50 million euro fund since its launch on the private equity market in December last year. Aiming to invest in Romanian SMEs operating in four different sectors, MC Fund I is one of the largest private equity funds in Romania. The fund succeeded to increase its capital commitments in a relative short period of time, which prove that the core premises of their investment strategy in Romanian SMEs stand true.

We are proud to reach the €50 million mark and we’re looking forward to partnering with progressive, like-minded entrepreneurs to take their companies to the next level,” said Andrei Gemeneanu, Morphosis Capital’s Managing Partner.The Romanian SMEs environment, and ultimately Romania, will benefit from this investment. We are very keen to demonstrate that private equity is a force for good as proven in many more developed economies.”

The Morphosis Capital private equity firm was founded by four Romanian entrepreneurs, Simona Gemeneanu, Gabriela Dumitru, Andrei Gemeneanu and Dragoș Petre supported by two private equity professionals with notable backgrounds in the sector as Independent Advisers. Andrei Gemeneanu has a background in Marketing and General Management, with a focus on assessing, executing, integrating and managing acquisitions. Gabriela Dumitru has a complete understanding of the private equity full cycle, having previously worked for a regional private equity fund. Simona Gemeneanu has small cap M&A and investment experience. Dragoș Petre brings strong operational finance skills and the experience of working both across large and smaller businesses in various sectors. Florin Vasvari is a well-known Professor at London Business School, where he teaches Private Equity and Venture Capital, Distressed Investing and Mergers and Acquisitions. Being among the pioneers in the private equity UK industry, Bert Wiegman has over 30 years practice in the Western markets. The four partners, among themselves, have 40 years of combined international experience.

Dragos Petre, co-founder of Morphosis Capital, added that after many years of observing the Romanian business environment from abroad, we decided to return home and start doing what we know best. So, we came up with the Morphosis Capital Fund idea as a solution for those Romanian companies that wish to grow, but do not have the resources and the network for it.”

Morphosis Capital Fund I plans to invest € 5-15 million equity per transaction in companies operating in several sectors, such as Consumer goods, Healthcare, Technology, and B2B services.


 About Morphosis Capital

The Morphosis Capital private equity firm was founded by four Romanian entrepreneurs, Simona Gemeneanu, Gabriela Dumitru, Andrei Gemeneanu, and Dragoș Petre, who have a solid experience in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and held senior positions in global companies, such as Unilever, TNT Express, Thomson Reuters,  PWC and Innova Capital. Aiming to contribute to the development and transformation of the local businesses, the four entrepreneurs founded in 2018 the private equity fund MCFI, whose anchor investor is The European Investment Fund (EIF), the main financing platform for SMEs in Europe, co-financed through the Regional Operational Programme.