Private equity with a human touch

We don’t just sit on the sidelines, we get in the trenches with you, because we’re the kind of people that really know what it takes to run a business.


Global experience.

Local entrepreneurship.


Morphosis aims to transform Romanian SMEs into national and regional champions.

We partner with entrepreneurs who believe in their business, its transformative force for society and want to unveil growth at the next step in their journey.

We bring operational and M&A expertise in addition to capital in order to make the local jewels national and regional success stories.

We look for businesses with potential in high growth sectors such as consumer and related sectors, niche healthcare, technology, and B2B services with EBITDA of EUR 500k+, in which we can invest around EUR5-EUR15 million.



Million EUROS Raised

A combination of institutional capital & private capital to make an impact on Romanian SMEs.



Years of combined international experience

Our team brings together full scale operational and PE experience, ranging from sales & marketing to corporate finance, M&A strategy and general management.




The team has worked hands-on in M&A projects across 11 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.


Private equity, a force for good

In established geographies like the UK and US, Private Equity represents a significant part of the economy. There are 690 PE funds in the UK and 2300 in the US. Romania is at the very beginning of the journey and Morphosis Capital is looking forward to spearheading the development of PE in our country.

As an asset class, Private Equity has achieved over the last ten years average annual returns of 17%. PE owned companies are proven to grow significantly faster than non-PE owned companies. In addition, this asset class is more recession resilient, with a much lower rate of default compared to non-PE owned businesses.

Investors in Private Equity are more and more demanding of fund managers to invest in companies with a robust Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) agenda and Impact Investing is gaining more traction in global PE. Nowhere more than in a developing country like Romania should ESG be more important. We, at Morphosis Capital, are putting this at the heart of our thinking.


September 2019

“Prima tranzacţie a fondului de investiţii Morphosis Capital: un pachet minoritar în cadrul firmei locale de tehnologie DocProcess”

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