Morphosis Capital

Turning vision into impact

We are a founder-centric regional private equity fund, focused on turning entrepreneurs’ vision into reality. Morphosis deploys capital into high-growth companies, transforming them into national and regional champions. We don’t just sit on the sidelines, we get in the trenches with you because we know what it takes to run a business.


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The Morphosis way

We are founder-centric which means that we always put the entrepreneurs at the heart of what we do. We strive to understand the ambition, dream, and vision of the founders we partner with, using our skillset, knowledge, and experience, both internationally and in Romania, to grow their business, together.

Andrei Gemeneanu

on turning vision into reality through Morphosis Capital

Human fit is a fundamental investment criterion for us. The company and the sector have to be right, however we are always looking for alignment with the founders’ vision and ambition for the business.

Gabriela Dumitru

on the importance of the human fit when making investments

We are looking for companies that have demonstrated the ability to grow, that have reached a sizeable profit and have potential to grow further. These companies must bring to market a product or a service that has an edge and can beat the competition.

Dragos Petre

on the investment criteria of Morphosis Capital

We make sustainable investments to drive economic growth. In our portfolio companies, we create a performance culture that nurtures the next generation of leaders, while having a big emphasis on employee well-being.

Simona Gemeneanu

on performance culture at Morphosis Capital

Founders' stories

What I always felt from Morphosis' side has been that "human touch", where people count first. The number one asset that we have right now is our collaboration with Morphosis Capital.

Dr. Constantin Stan

Founder, Cronos Med

We chose Morphosis because of its team, which had solid international experience in marketing, financial but also other fields. From the very beginning, people from Morphosis Capital and DocProcess had chemistry, quickly sharing the same objectives as well as aspirations.

Liviu Apolozan

Co-founder & President, DocProcess

Morphosis Capital brought us two key assets: financial support for our project as well as a professional team with large flexibility in thinking and a solid understanding of the healthcare sector. Morphosis brought real support, helping us expand Medima at the national level.

Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Iana

Co-founder & Medical Director, Medima

Thanks to Morphosis Capital, an emerging player in the healthcare sector such as Medima, managed to break a well-consolidated market and is currently building its leading position in the imagining services industry.

Vlad Ardeleanu

CEO, Medima

I like to find unconventional solutions to grow conventional businesses. Morphosis Capital provided me with a tailor-made financing solution that I needed for EMI. Moreover, we clicked from the beginning, and we continue to have a great relationship. We complement each other, and we make a great team.

Jerome France

Founder & CEO, EMI

The most important quality of Morphosis Capital is its team, a team that is involved, with a lot of experience and entrepreneurial spirit. They supported our creativity and got involved where we needed their expertise.

Alexandru Lascar

Co-founder & CEO

Following the investment from Morphosis Capital, the most important change is that I have someone to call. To discuss not only finance, but also about management, leadership, and all the other aspects which are necessary for taking our business to the next level.

Dr. Ionut Leahu

Co-founder & CEO, Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics